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FanPower is the Official Fan Engagement Partner of the Chicago Sky. In 2022, our on-site activations were live at all Sky home games and appeared across the team’s social media channels.

The team experienced a 93% user-retention rate via SMS. Of the users who texted in for chances to win free or discounted tickets, give their thoughts on the night’s contest, or otherwise answer to the numerous prompts provided to them, 81% engaged in the intimacy of 1:1 messaging with their favorite team. Sky fans have been shown a seat at the table, and the organization knows its fans better than ever before.


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Contest gieaway promotions resulted in 93% user retention rate via SMS.


Twitter invitation to fans for SMS participation: Text "SKY" to 31032 for chance to win.
Pre-game invitation to participate: save @PickUpHQ as a contact"
Chicago Sky used QR codes like this to invite fan participation in polls and giveaway promotions.


Acquire Chicago Sky fans, both die-hard and casual, via SMS, to build a hyper-engaged fan community of users.


1. Acquire users in-venue at home games via live, free-to-play contests and relevant content, equipped with incentives and established through SMS keywords.

2. Engage Sky fans with timely and unique content throughout the WNBA season, including breaking news, real-time updates on scores and game/player statuses, ticket promotions, sneak peeks of Official Pro Shop gear, and more.

3. Provide intuitive SMS service to users that produces on-the-spot trivia, relevant Sky information, and more by texting in relevant keywords — like “TRIVIA” — to the team’s dedicated phone number at any moment.

4. Utilize quality, intimate messaging from SMS to gather fan sentiment data to propel the Sky forward in the direction that the franchise knows that the fans need.


First, we acquired users through strategic messaging on social media and in-venue at home games that encouraged fans to join the exclusive Chicago Sky community.

Next, while continuing to grow the community throughout the season, we engaged Sky fans with high-quality content and relevant incentives, all served on a timely platter to give them an authentically direct connection with their favorite team.

Our work developed a rabid community of Sky fanatics whose connection to the franchise has never been greater. FanPower’s technology and implementation has driven fan loyalty beyond reason in Chicago through the power of personalization and connectivity.


On-site activations booming in Chicago

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SMS Messages from Chicago Sky - Trivia
SMS Messages from Chicago Sky - More Trivia

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