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In 2021, FanPower partnered with USA Today to inject interactive content into its editorial to acquire users and retain its readers. Gannett implemented our polls across 31 of its NFL, NBA and college sports wires that prompted readers to answer questions that mattered to them. USA Today has seen more than 2 million opinions shared and experienced a 92% retention rate. FanPower is engaging with the publication’s community and driving a 35% increase in subscriptions, feeding USA Today with data directly from its fans that display exactly what they want.

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interactive poll between Patriots and Browns
interactive poll between Broncos and Chargers


Example promotion in which USA Today gained suscribers by inviting people to participate in polls
Example promotion in which USA Today gained suscribers by inviting people to participate in polls


Giants Wore Weekly SMS yielded a ctr of 16% and a subscriber rate of over 97%

Giants Wore Weekly SMS yielded a CTR Rate of 16% and a Subscriber Rate of 97%

USA Today acquired subscribers through mobile interactive polls


To acquire new subscribers for USA Today and retain current readers through interactive content across 31 of the publication’s NFL, NBA, MMA and college sports wires.


1. Acquire first-party data via opinion polls embedded in USA Today content that give readers a megaphone to voice what’s important to them. 

2. Aim engagement where readers want most and offer prizes that matter for contributing fans. 

3. Create personalized conversion moments for subscriptions, continued readership, qualified sports betting, and other CTAs. 

4. Utilize reader behavior data to advise USA Today how it can best grow and retain subscriptions and readership. 

5. Re-engage users with relevant content via strategic SMS campaigns.


First, we implanted our interactive polls across content published on 31 of USA Today’s wires. 

Next, our actionable messaging and relevant rewards incentivized fan engagement and acquired valuable first-party data. 

Finally, through email promotions and meaningful prizes as backed by the data, we drove fan loyalty beyond reason to generate personalized conversion moments for subscriptions, reader retention, and qualified sports betting. 

Readers can regularly provide their opinions on topics that motivate them, instructing Gannett through qualitative and quantitative data how to construct its roadmap forward.

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