Quickly enable collection of consumer data at scale

Create & sell new sponsorship & advertising inventory

Easily isolate or quantify consumer preferences & brand affinities

Platform Features

AI-Powered Toolkit

The FanPower platform enables you to transform any content library into a data acquisition machine. Create direct relationships & re-engage with precision through customized email or SMS campaigns. 

Interactive Polls

Collect zero- & first-party data wherever & whenever you publish content.

Smart Content

Generate poll suggestions, event previews & recaps based on statistical information.

User Registration

Verify new users via email address &/or text message.

Ad Management

Sell direct sponsorships &/or run programmatic advertising.


Reconnect with users via automated email or text message.

Social Referrals

Incentivize & track user sharing across entire website.

Reporting Dashboard

Follow along as users answer poll questions & register continuously.

Audience Export

Take your data with you so you can easily upload it to any CRM, CDP or ESP.

Consumer Insights

Understand who your users are, where they're located & what they care about.


Stream zero- & first-party data to your CRM, CDP or ESP of choice.

Mobile SDK

Host interactive polling & collect data within your iOS or Android mobile apps.


Leverage our API to apply your own UI & deploy interactivity across any platform.

Wordpress Plugin

Quickly add shortcodes & Gutenberg blocks to make your content interactive.

Amplify Your Audience

Capture zero- & first-party data everywhere you distribute content. Leverage a continuous flow of consumer insights.





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